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IMF SDR AIIB What Does it All Mean?

Author: Frank Brierton
I get fed info from a myriad of sites, 3 of which are ‘financial’, or ‘investment’ trying to sell me their books etc.  I listen, and watch, but do not buy in.
But one recently had some startling facts, and statements. that alarmed me.
– As I am sure you know, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was created after WWII, and the U.S. dollar made the Global Reserve currency by the Bretton Woods agreement of 44 Allied Nations.
–  12 months ago, the IMF voted to make the Chinese yuan a reserve currency, by adding it to it’s basket of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and as of Sept. 30th, 2016 the yuan was officially added to the SDR.
Alternatively – another source notes:
–  China and Russia have already created their own $24 billion dollar currency swap.
–  They then did a $450 billion energy trade, directly.
–  A stealth alliance of 57 nations have created their own IMF, the AIIB, located in Beijing China.
Yet another source notes:
–  Today the IMF has 189 members…And the way they see it, it’s the IMF, not the United States – that should hold the strings to the world’s purse.  With centralized money, a centralized market, even a centralized government….(Emphasis added) (This is where my ‘Alarm’ kicked in).
–  They went on to discuss in some detail – the “BRICS” countries.  BRICS stands for Brazil…Russia…India…China…and South Africa.
     –  Not a match for the U.S. on their own, but banded together – in 2017 – they’ll finally have us beat.
     –  While the US. share of the world economy has plunged, the BRICS share is nearly triple what it was in the ’90s, bigger than the size of the EU, and nearly equal to the U.S.
     –  In the IMF, you need 15% of the voting might to veto any proposal.  The U.S. is the only country with a percentage over 15%.  At the G-20 meeting that just happened, the BRICS share to the vote was bumped up to 14.9%.   At that meeting Vladimir Putin himself said:  “(We’re) a step away from 15-percent blocking threshold,  Without a doubt, we have to move forward to carry out an IMF reform…”
     –  That can be expected to happen in 2017.  That’s when the quota’s will be ‘re-balanced’ and BRICS could conceivably go to 16%.
–  To show that BRICS have the intent to replace the U.S. dollar as the Reserve currency, again to lead to a centralized market and even a centralized government consider this:
     –  This is the same group that in Sept. 2013 launched a plan to start building their own undersea internet cable network, to skirt U.S. wiretaps.
     –  This is the same group that in July 2015, was so anti-U.S. control, they launched their $100 billion “BRICS New Development Bank”.    
The primary goal of this article is to convince the reader that the dollar was in jeopardy, as is any savings.
My concern is, when they mention centralized government.  That triggered my own recollection of that being one more step toward the End of Times.  I believe they are short-sighted, worldly oriented, materialistic, and do not  see beyond that.
Centralize the money, the economy, then the government, then religion(!).  You can insert conflicts, droughts, earthquakes, floods, the Rapture, the AntiChrist(s), when and where you see fit, as your own religious beliefs permit…but the core pillars toward the End of Times are there, intact, and the first may fall in 2017.
This is coming at the same time as our country is found to be in such a vulnerable position due to the change of administrations, and possible lack of depth in our leadership’s ability to handle the situation.
This could be the first domino in a chain foretold in the Scripture.
Author: Frank Brierton

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