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Joseph Conspiracy: Full Film

Joseph Conspiracy

Trey’s Notes: Trey Smith and Mike Hughes have done a number of trips together, and some interest has been on the real history of Egypt.

It is an unusual look at Egypt, and the truth of Joseph in Egypt.

Mike Hughes accompanied Trey Smith to Egypt during the filming of the Exodus to be released in 2020 by the God in a Nutshell project. The above roughly 55 minute presentation was put together and produced by Mike Hughes based on one of such trips to Egypt. 

Mike Hughes, an inventor who developed many products for U-Haul over the years as well as most automotive products for most every auto store, is also the developer of a health supplement called, Rocketman.

Hughes has been involved for many decades with the exploration and excavation of largely Biblical sites. In the presentation above, journeys are taken into some of the roughest areas of back Egypt where most tourists will likely never go.

Mike Hughes also felt so strongly that this time-frame surrounding 2020 and beyond was a “Joseph period” that he made the commemorative coins for it ~ seen in the image beneath and available in the God in a Nutshell shop.

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