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What Happened to America

Author: Michael J. Fox

Enter the 1960’s! A lot has been said over the last 50 years concerning the USA.  Many opinions, thoughts, theories and conspiracies as to when and where America made this giant left turn!  Like many people, I have my own thoughts as well.

First, let me emphasize that I believe this country was based and founded on religious freedoms.  Oppression for worshiping God has taken place in many countries and at several levels by various religions, throughout history.  What I’m attempting to do right now is focus on the 1960’s and a couple of unique, controversial and historical changing moments which have largely developed and shaped America for decades to come.

First note:  James Madison knew a thing or two while shaping our government.  Isaiah 33:22  states, For the Lord is our Judge” – Judicial Branch.  “The Lord is our Lawgiver” – Legislative Branch.  The Lord is our King” – Executive Branch.  He will save us.  America was built on Freedom, Self-Reliance, Non Victimization, Self-Control, Independence, Small Government, Laws in the Constitution, Separation of Powers, and Fear of God.

Alexis de Tocqueville said:  “Liberty can not be established without morality and morality without faith”.  He further stated:  “…a Democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax, can escape the obligation to pay for it”.  I want to go over some other basic facts without all the minutia .  As a reader you are more than welcomed to check out my data and research various details – that way I can get to straight to my main points.  I welcome debate and arguments of details to correct, adjust or just learn more on these arguments.

Second note:  Slavery wasn’t just Black People!  Actually, it was mostly White Irish People.  Out of the 10 -12 million African Slaves sent to the Western Hemisphere, only 450,000 came to this country.  Most went to Mexico, Caribbean Area and South America.  Of that number, 30.000 were sent back to Africa under James Monroe.  Between 1  1/2 – 2 million slaves were Irish and our History Books? called them Indentured Servants?  They were slaves!  Discounted in the tally were the 1 – 2 million Irish who never got out of Ireland who were starved to death by the British and nearly 1 million Irish who died on the slave ships during passage.  Also, there were 10,000 Irish children who were taken from their parents and shipped to the Caribbean.  Reportedly, Irish Slaves sold for about five pounds each while African sold for fifty pounds each.  Popular were Mulatto Slaves who were Irish females that were bred with African Males.  Nobody teaches the history of the Irish in this country.  Only Black Lives Matter.

Third note:  June 25, 1962.  The Supreme court upheld an argument that Atheist Madelyn Murray O’Hair had promulgated an edict with ramifications so wide spread that it insured the God would be evicted from the public society across the entire spectrum of American Governmental Systems.  Isaiah 61:1-2 …God will avenge all those in captivity and to comfort those who mourn.  Basically, revolt brings tribulation!

Forth note:  Zedekiah did not heed Jeremiah’s warning and Israel was taken into captivity for 70 years.  With O’Hair’s atheist movement and proclamation, it opened up Satan’s reign of terror world wide.  In 1964, Reagan’s Goldwater speech stated:  “America is man’s best hope on this planet, and if we fail, we’ll sentence our children to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness”.

Fifth note:  November 22, 1963 – The  date that JFK was assassinated.  Anyone believing that Oswald shot JFK, I have swamp land  for sale – cheap!  Many books and theory’s have been written.  Basically, it was about war and oil!  Question?  Where was George H. W. Bush on that date?  Answer:  Dallas, TX.  Question?  Who did Bush work for?  Answer:  C.I.A.  Question?  What was Bush’s business?  Answer:  Zapata Oil off shore drilling Company.  Question?  Who were LBJ’s contacts and business?  Answer:  C.I.A. and business holdings in CBS – radio and TV, Halliburton and Dresser Manufacturing who were oil business support materials teams.  Side note:  LBJ ordered retaliation from shots fired in the Gulf of Tonkin 8/2/64 and by 1965 troop levels were 180,000.   Located in the China Sea – oil!  50 years ago 8/2/15.

Sixth note:  4/4/68 MLK was assassinated.  Why?  RFK (assassinated 6/5/68) was popular with southern blacks and southern voters.  With the passage of the “Great Society” LBJ stated:  “These Negroes are getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they have something they’ve never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.   Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down and not enough to make a difference.”  “I’ll have those N–ers voting Democratic the next 200 years”.  This programs was waged under the “Equal Opportunity Act”.  1 Billion Dollars every years to start.  

Hubert Humphrey was not popular with southern democrats or blacks.  Also RFK was Attorney General under JFK and LBJ.  JFK wanted to end the war by pulling troupes out.  JFK went after and prosecuted Mafia crime bosses – who backed and got JFK elected.  Specifically Salvatore  “Money Sam” Giancana, who was assassinated 6/19/75.

MLK had to be eliminated in favor of  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the New Democrat Party – Social Marxist. MLK, I don’t believe would’ve been in favor of this nor would he have liked “Affirmative Action” under Nixon.

Seventh note:  Jack Ruby did private investigative work for Richard Nixon when he was a Senator.  Gerald Ford sat on the Warren Commission.  Hillary Rodham was an attorney who did prosecution work for “Watergate Investigations” before she was fired for tampering with and removing records.  George H. W. Bush stated in 1991 that he was in favor of the “New World Order”.  Prescott Bush,     G. H. W. Bush and “W” were members of the Yale Secret Society “Skull & Bones”.  JFK thought he was actually President and the first causality of the NWO.  G. H. W. Bush and John Hinckley family’s were partners and friends in the oil business.  Nancy Reagan didn’t trust Bush and believed he was behind the assassination attempt on Reagan of 3/30/81.  Ho Chi Minh was on Standard Oil’s payroll for 20 years!  Of the various people mentioned above – Reagan and John Hinckley survived.  Madelyn O’hair was assassinated, Money Sam was assassinated as well as Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald.  Bush and Sirhan Sirhan who shot RFK are still alive and Sirhan is in prison at age 72.

Conclusion:  Much has been written and discussed on these timely assassinations by many authors.  What remains a mystery are the actual reason/purpose for all of these things in God’s eyes.  Satan’s purpose is opposing God, to prove God is a liar and enlarge Hell.  I believe these assassination and related ones were essential towards the purpose of Satan’s New World Order and a resurrecting of the Tower of Babel.  Genesis 50:20 states “…what Satan has purposed for evil, God has turn around for good and to save lives.”



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