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Edge of Prophecy: Full Film

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The Edge of Prophecy is a one (1) hour and 52 minute documentary put together by God in a Nutshell / Trey Smith during the “COVID-19 crisis.” 

It was during such world shut down that some of the prophecies I had literally been focusing on and working with over the years began to really make sense in an “AH-HA!” kind of way. 

In fact, many of the prophecies had trouble making sense without the COVID-19 crisis. Who could have imagined a world shut-down only a month or so before the claimed crisis began. And further, who in their right mind would guess the world would shut down over a bat in China. 

Well — the answer is: Apparently God did. And, He shared visions of it with Kim Clement. 

I would like to share on this post the links to House of Destiny (Kim Clement’s ministry) and also Donne’ Clement Petruska’s Youtube channel. Please take the time to subscribe to both as they have been very kind to allow me to use clips of Kim Clement over the years. 

This video, Edge of Prophecy, was originally titled: the BioWar Tapes

The video received a number of messages revolving around its suitability on the Youtube platform. So, in an effort to meet their guidelines and standards, I voluntarily “unlisted” the video. 

The Edge of Shadows is a very unique walk-through of prophecy as it pertains to China, the US, and the economy. 

I very much hope you enjoy it. 

Below is the copy that pulls from Youtube. Both are the same film. 

God bless all of you.

Trey Smith