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Inauguration Terrorism (Part 2):

Author: Zebulon Rogers

Civil disobedience has left the building. New revelations from Project Veritas reveal a plot by anarchist groups Smash Racism D.C. and Disrupt J20 to cripple the D.C. Metro transit system, block traffic, and engage in physical violence or “throat punching” against supporters of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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A lead organizer for the Disrupt J20 movement going by the name Legba Carrefour was recorded via phone talking about chaining transit cars to concrete fixtures. Given the over the top nature of these acts, one could surmise that they expected O’Keefe to sting them, but previous actions by groups like Americans United for Change prove it they are willing to go to any petty length to achieve their goals.

The legal repercussions of such an act are enormous. James O’Keefe explains, “Disabling trains constitutes an act of terrorism under 18 United States code 1992. Quote ‘…shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both, and if the offense results in the death of any person, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or subject to death…[sic]’”

Mike Isaacson, an organizer for Smash Racism D.C. seamlessly refers to Trump supporters as “Nazis” and “cowards” while encouraging attendees to strike them in the throat.

Whether the term “throat punching” is meant as a literal physical attack isn’t indicated in the video, but reporters found it suspicious enough to alert authorities.

It has become abundantly clear that these groups are not fighting for anyone in America. While the groups talk of combating racism and fascism, they are no more than modern-day incarnates of Abbie Hoffman’s anarchist movement in the 60’s, seeking self-empowerment to overcome personal insecurities against the backdrop of human rights activism. Only this time, there’s no war to protest. It is Constitutional America they hate, and it is God’s plan for our nation upon which they’ll break themselves to pieces.