Author: Peggy Walker

Having to work on healing from various issues, traumas and accidents, I had to really rethink what I had come to know as the “norm” and “Go Where No (WO)Man Has Gone Before.”   Phase one is always go to the Word, and pray. However, for me, I went forward so many times for prayer and sadly, I did not see any change. The last time I was standing down in front waiting for the pastor to come pray over me, God said, “I’m not going to heal you today because you are a very bad steward of your body.” Seconds afterward, the pastor laid hands on me and he continued down the line. I walked back to my seat under conviction. This is not a case of I was not worthy, God’s healing isn’t for everybody, or sin in my life…. Just way, way too much Dr. Pepper and snack food! It took me almost 19 months to correct all the derailment I had caused in my body. So this is the revelation I got that set me free and on a course that would forever change my life. I started on my healing journey and this was my jumping off point……….

As I was reading healing scriptures, I come to this very popular one: III John 2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers.” While reading, I get a “download from God,” that was, this is an equation. What? Like math? Hhmmm. Okay….. I was getting a private tutor session in math, not my best subject in school. The next thing I noticed were the words, and …. be in health as …. This is an equation! So I reworked it: Prosper (+) Be in Health (=) Soul Prospers. “Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper (plus) be in health (equals) your soul prospers.” This is my kind of math!!! So now to dig a little deeper, I grabbed my Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and set to work. Prosper is 2137: to help on the road, succeed in reaching, prosperous journey; Health is 5198: be well in body, be uncorrupt, save and secure, be whole, wholesomeness; Soul is: 5590 with links to others: to breathe, heart life, immortal, rational soul and countless others.

So when I reread the scripture and substituted the Strong’s words it read:

“Beloved, I wish above all things that you succeed in reaching, and be well and whole in body, as your immortal spirit, rational soul, has a successful and prosperous journey.”

You will notice that “prosper,” in the original Greek actually refers to the journey of the immortal spirit not finances. (not saying that isn’t included but it isn’t the main aspect to this word). After all, that is the journey we are experiencing here. It is a spiritual one! Note how, be in health,” or “be well and whole in body,” are on the left side of the equation, while “rational soul,” sits on the other side. If I remember my 9th grade algebra class – the equation has to be balanced. The “rational soul” is what stabilizes the spirit and body because of the enmity between the spirit and body.

The soul gets us, should say me, into trouble. It consists of the mind and conscience, will and emotions. Whew, a lot to tame, train and discipline and it is a life long process. But once I decided to make every effort to “go there,’” it was well worth all the hard work and time. There seems to be a microwave mentality to speed things up and get things now, which is not reality. We think it is always the destination, which at some level it is and it that is important. But it is in the education, learning, openness for down loads from God, and taking corrective actions that win in the end. Through this process I realized that the body is designed to heal itself, if given the right things to do so. It truly does. I have changed my diet I don’t drink sodas and no caffeine and I don’t miss it. No snack foods that go so well with sodas like salty pretzels!

So my journey had lots of stops and go’s, but looking back I discovered, I embarked with courage, I decided to leave lots of baggage behind, I was open to course corrections – made changes along the way and I remembered to breathe! I can proudly say, been there, done that, have the T-shirt!

Peggy WalkerAuthor: Peggy Walker

I have been married for over 37 years.  My husband and I got saved in 1982 and got Spirit-filled about a year after that at a Christian concert. We have worked in children’s department, youth and I have lead praise and worship. I was born and raised in Southern California am a Valley Girl! We

moved to OK in 1992 to raise our two daughters in a calmer, less racially charged environment and to potentially go to Rhema Bible Training Center.

We never got there but that’s okay. I have worked as a secretary through the years and once here have taught art at the Boys and Girls Club, and worked in health food stores. I am a Wholistic practitioner and have a Tesla

coil, radionics and Rife technology I used to use frequencies to help

people, including myself… heal.  My hobbies are sewing, art and astronomy. My husband Rick and I take telescopes to schools on their science nights or STEM nights to introduce the next generation to the science of astronomy. And I infuse my sessions with art as well. We also have developed tactile astronomy resources for blind and handicapped persons. With our non profit, we are working to get a 30 foot portable planetarium to further bring immersive sciences to the schools. It will have a walk in doorway so that wheel chairs can come in and be more inclusive to the whole community. I have written articles for astronomy newsletters, websites, as well as a few churches many years ago.





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