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A Coup of Truth

Author: Andrew Gilbert Smith

It seems that this year’s election cycle has been fraught with two opposing forces. One resides in the darkness through secret societies and back room deals that undermine the sovereignty of this nation in which we live. The other resides in the light of disclosure. It functions on the premise that when shady deals and corrupt policies see the light of day that those that love truth will seize that very day. There are some of us that have seen this truth long before the sunrise and our eye have adjusted slowly as the light crests the preverbal horizon. There are some of us that are seeing the beams of light breaking through the shades for the first time. Just as that first jolt of light enters the eyes opened from a long hard slumber is uncomfortable, so it be with the cognitive dissidence of those waking up. There are also some of us that see the light with repulsion and recoil and pull the covers over the head and refuse to accept the truth only to remain consciously unaware of the truth illuminated by that very light. Those of us that see the opportunity that this particular daybreak offers breathe in deeply the smell of this long coming dawn and look forward to the activities of the day. No matter what parables or allegories one attaches to the conscious atmosphere brewing as I write this, we have to realize that this truth is given as a gift for those that love truth. An exposure of government corruption to those that were unaware, an affirmation to those that suspected and a confirmation for those that knew.

There were and are many people that spoke of Trump in the prophetic. Evangelicals, idealists, and seekers of Truth alike speak of patterns, past prophesies, and resent utterances as pertains to God’s involvement in all this. As I do with most areas of interest, I study. I accumulate as much information as I can. Information from many different sources. I compare information and place it. Some say the Russians are trying to influence the election. Some say that patriots within our own intelligence agencies are trying to expose corruption and co-opted government collusion. Some say God is influencing the election for the betterment of His people. Some say that Trump is but another pawn by the political machine and in truth works for the same nefarious entities and their unrighteous agendas. As I analyze the given information I ask myself this question. If a divine deity of absolute righteous sovereignty were to indeed muddle in the affairs of men and sway their hearts one way or the other in an election, what avenues or tools of persuasion would He use to accomplish His will. To that question I answer, He would use the spirit of Truth to speak a prophetic anointing over a season of time to allow people to make an informed decision yet leave their freewill and gift of choice intact and pure. He would expose any corruption in full on both sides to remain fair under that full disclosure of the spirit of Truth.

As we move through this prophetic season it’s been a crazy ride. Blood moons, giant planets, year 5777, Cern, aliens, Kachinas, King Cyrus, Cubs curse, and those damn leaky wikis, it seems that the winds of change are inevitable as the future unfolds. I hear some say “Trump is no saint”. So be it. Neither was Nebuchadnezzar when he was named a servant of God by the prophet Jerimiah. But when walked into his calling, professed the God of Daniel. If anything is exposed through this debacle I hope it is the understanding that people will discard your best interests for personal and financial gain. Take that understanding and apply it to our indigenous Brothers and Sisters at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their stand against corporate greed and irresponsible profiteering that harms the land and the water. One statement, “Clinton Coup”, has been slung around. People call the patriots that disclosed this information the counter Coup or soft Coup. I don’t know about coups but I do see a few people about to fly the coop before they’re put in shackles. We may call it a movement, we can call it the winds of change, the label attached is not the as important as the disclosure. Dark conversations brought to the light of computer screens everywhere pouring out truth that begs to be known. As if to lay it all out on the table for all to see.   A Coup of Truth

Andrew Gilbert SmithAuthor: Andrew Gilbert Smith

My name is Andrew Gilbert Smith. I was born in 1977. I live at home with my wife and three kids. I am an electrical contractor by trade and currently work as a general contractor for a local company. I enjoy studying human origin, ancient scripture, and eschatology. I have been blessed in life with a loving family, healthy kids and a Creator that pursues me with a fervent passion. I grew up as a preacher’s kid yet always remained on the outskirts of conformity and challenged the establishment at chance. I love reading Charles Spurgeon, Ralph W. Emerson, and the works of Nikola Tesla. I have used writing as a outlet and an assistant as I seek the Face of my Creator and thank every day for the gift of salvation that comes through Christ.

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