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Trump v Clinton: Morality and Faith – How One Christian views the election

You know, most ALL of the greatest heroes of the Bible were EXTREMELY imperfect men,,,, some of them down-right-despicable at points — yet glorious for the Lord God at others…. King David (a “man after God’s own heart” had a man killed in the front lines of battle for his wife), Abraham (the father of faith) he lied about Sarah not once but twice…. Samson…. he fell for all Delilah’s tricks….. and the list goes on.
Please don’t tell me that the Lord God of the heavens can’t work right through imperfect men to accomplish His purposes.
This applies in the New Testament as well as the Old <—- I know there are some ready to pounce and argue that next. The 12 disciples…. They were fishermen…. I have doubts they always had the cleanest mouths…. sailors get these kind of reputations, you see. In fact, they were 12 extremely foolish (in many ways) men…. Yet the Lord used them mightily for His purposes…. 12 fishermen….. one a tax collector (not well thought of)….. Almost a statement from God Himself that if He could actually use and make something good out of these 12 guys …. He could use anybody.
I myself happen to be an imperfect man….. And, guess what — so also are all those who serve the Lord (even at our “best”).
Others will say “America doesn’t deserve blessing” <—- Oh you can definitely say that twice, or three times if you like….
We have NEVER deserved anything but judgement from God. Yet, His heart — God’s heart — page after page has ALWAYS been to bless us & give us mercy (that means by its VERY DEFINITION: “UNDESERVED KINDNESS”) <—- we are the ones that screw that up.
In fact, the Lord Jesus gives — as HIS COMMANDS — “Occupy till I come” and  “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
So, if on one hand, the rights and freedoms those before us fought for are diminished (as one party in this election by its own documentation appears to aggressively wish to pursue)…. and also the prosper is drained even more so from the land; then let me ask this: Are our abilities to “occupy until He comes” and “preach the gospel to every creature even to the ends of the world” not greatly diminished?*
And, by the way, this same draining of resources, provisions & freedoms apply (in this instance of Trump v. Clinton) to the Christian, the atheist, to the Republican, to the Democrat…. from the man in the office…. to the families of those on the ground…. big, little or in-between. The math on this is NOT rocket science…. “Does the rain not fall on wicked and the righteous alike”……
Then, on the other hand, you have a man….. an imperfect man….. a man with perhaps the rough edges of a Cyrus….. or maybe also here and again in his past spouted off some foolish words that might make one think they were sitting with a roughneck fisherman.
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But, none-the-less, despite rough edges and flaws, a man who says he would like to fight for the freedoms God gave to this land and its people, fight to support Israel, fight to defend Christians, and also fight to return prosper to your families.
I believe — like many — that the Lord would like to take this man, work with his heart, and also show mercy <— “undeserved kindness”  — to the United States….. Not on behalf of our wickedness, our sins, our multitudes of shortcomings, our darkness, our turmoil, our divisions, our evils….. and the list goes on…. But, to the contrary, on behalf of those seeking His face here in this land….. on behalf of those crying out in despair to the Lord for this land…. on behalf of those in tears to the Lord for relief — even for their rebellious grand children… in this land….. on behalf of all of us…… imperfect humans, looking for the face of our perfect Lord…. as we “stare through a glass, darkly”….. in this land….. A land blessed beyond measure at its inception by God Himself. A land whose balance of powers and government systems, now horribly broken, were inspired by those ancient pages of the Bible, then instituted by imperfect men and women. God is the author of FREEDOM. He is breaker of chains and bondage. And, EVERY good gift is from above.
On behalf of those — even reading this page NOW who would speak through their lips — BOLDLY: “Lord Jesus, forgive our sins. Lord Jesus, please forgive our nation. Lord Jesus, we request healing for our land — which only you, not any imperfect man -or- imperfect woman can bring”.
Though I am praying for both parties — both Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton…. I am also praying over the VOTING MACHINES <— there do seem to be VERY REAL and CRITICALLY CONCERNING ISSUES there…..
I am praying for California -to- New York (two places the politicians have devastated the worst), and all the states in-between. Your politicians have gotten rich, whilst you have gotten poorer, and poorer, and poorer — from your finances ~to~ even your spirit. Is the Lord not always calling the “Prodigal Son” from the mire where everything has been squandered, to place on him the King’s robe which he doesn’t deserve.  And is the Elder brother not always standing by — the religious spirit — to point its finger and say “You don’t deserve, you don’t deserve, you don’t deserve….” If it were about “deserving” we would all be hopeless and condemned. I am praying for a lifting up, we have had plenty of cutting down. We have had plenty of tearing down from all the old bosses, both Republican and Democrat alike, who have held the reins of this now broken machine crushing all of us slowly in its gears.
I intend on November 8th 2016 to go vote for Donald Trump… He is NOT a savior. He is a man…. a man who — despite even best efforts will probably let you down and disappoint you at points <— that is what men do. But, he will also fight for you in ways others have NOT…. And, I am praying that everything from his decisions, to his words, to his actions be guided by the Lord God of the heavens.
I ask would you — no matter what your political background — that your families and your freedoms be worthy, that the COURAGE of KINGS and PRIESTS surge your veins LIKE RIVERS OF LIFE flowing as the very blood pulsing with power within you….. That you be led by precision; faith and not fear. That God Himself be the guidance and director of your hands, your feet, and your heart….. that mercy and favor find YOU from the King of kings…. that it be as the very air that fills your lungs….
God bless every last one of you,
Trey Smith

 Trump v Clinton

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

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