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Trump Prophecy (VIDEO): Does the Bible and Ancient Past point to a Trump LANDSLIDE?

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TRUMP: Does the ancient past prophecy a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for Donald TRUMP? 

Trump and Cyrus

TRUMP: In this documentary of Donald Trump and the prophecy of Trump… The truth is there are prophecy a plenty surrounding this Trump vs. Clinton 2016 election (Trump v Clinton 2016 presidential election). The bulk of prophecy focuses on Trump…. Donald Trump…. a man (Trump) commonly now seen (in prophecy circles) as a “modern “Cyrus”.

Cyrus Cylinder: Trump and CyrusWe delve into the heart of prophecy looking at the mathematical enigmas surrounding Trump, the ancient texts eerily seeming to foreshadow Trump, the financial Trump coincidences & property Trump coincidences that appear to match with ancient records… from both the Bible and Babylon.

Begging the question, can mysteries from some 2,500 years in our past actually be a foreshadowing of the future of the United States, and even possibly predicTRUMP: The Prophecy of Trumpt a LANDSLIDE victory for Donald Trump. As absurd as this could easily sound, the journey through the prophecy of the past and comparisons with Donald Trump may — at minimum — astound you?

Further we take a ride through the mathematics surrounding Trump — which again strangely stretches from the ancient past (of King Cyrus, no-less) to modern day…. again seeming to fascinatingly encircle Donald Trump.

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