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Twin Towers of Horus and Pentagon of Hathor (Ancient Egypt Reborn Series.) pt.1

Written by Angel Ward

Twin Tower of Horus

Twin Tower of Horus


Carvings on the massive twin towers of the 36m high entrance pylon of the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Aswan, Egypt The Temple or throne (Original Twin Towers) of Horus at Edfu, the location where it’s said he fought with Seth had a delayed dedication…dedication of the temple did not occur until 10 September 142 BC by Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II.” ( source

When 911 happened, I could not for the life of me, understand how nobody else saw it. The correlations between the twin towers and the pentagon. I had searched high and low for over a decade to never find more than vague pieces of similar thought on twin towers, most famously considered due to the Tarot Card twin pillars, the popular Freemasonry/Illuminati theories etc. While it is true, and very concerning that these twin towers/ pillars were erected only to be destroyed and possibly due to more than one group of villains, it goes much much deeper than that.

Now in spite of us all knowing that Set is Horus’s evil uncle, this is what some sources say. “ In some variations of the myth, he is the son of Geb and Nut, making him the brother of Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nepthys. Indeed, in some specific versions of the myth, Horus is Set’s twin brother, thus forming a light/dark, day/night dichotomy.”~ (Source: )

(photo credit: via photopin (license))

(photo credit: via photopin (license))

What’s really disturbing is some people in hermetic circles are trying to magnify this twin theory to fit their duality dark and light obsession. News flash. Dark is not the polar opposite of light… it’s the lack there of, and they are NOT equals and never will be. There is something seriously demented about depending on “healthy” doses of darkness and evil to stay in “balance”. It is a childlike observation without any evidence. The devil is not equal to God, dark is not equal to light, and if there was a balance I suppose we would allow half of the population to be mauled and murdered, because hey… its balance? I know yin yang, male female…. Stop people, just stop. It’s good to find balance in your life but mere mortals trying to explain and put the divine under a microscope and declare duality as truth…. are the actions of mere pawns. We as humans do not have the right to assume we can explain the divine so vague without repercussions. We as humans need to find balance, BUT it is not even a birth right for us to explain the cosmos this way. This is how we became slaves to the fallen ones in the first place, and we are honestly becoming their slaves again.

(photo credit: pylon via photopin (license))

(photo credit: pylon via photopin (license))


There are bits of Ancient Egypt woven into the very fabric of every single stone used to build America. Yes, I do believe it was on purpose, someone or something is trying to awaken the Ancients and recreate at the end of time, what was at the beginning. Even the colors of our flag are the same colors of Ancient Egypt. The hue of blue is off, but the Upper, Lower, Middle kingdoms were red white and blue. The Ancients were no fools, all of the elaborate afterlife navigation routes were because they knew they were in the beginning and created ways to survive Sheol, the place of the dead. No doubt many preformed pharmaca in order to travel in astral and map out these dark domains. (Many of you read “sorcery” in the bible which is a vague translation for “Pharmaca”, the use of drugs and plants to induce visions in shamanism. A spooky revelation when you see that not only are we recreating GMO’s like the Fallen ones had in the beginning, but we also live in a society where most people are doped up on Pharmaceuticals. The medical community has forced many people to be addicts, and while you may not be trying to induce visions I can guarantee they are subliminally trying to induce a certain way of thinking in each and every one of us. ) The problem arises when Luciferians are considered to believe the eye of Horus to be the eye of Lucifer. Egyptians never intended this, Seth was their evil, not Horus. Why would they claim Horus of all things, perhaps god of the air, and the bible has referred to the spirits and powers of the air to be evil. Truly these pieces were formed at much later dates than the Ancient Egyptians even though Hermetics and the like claim to have ancient knowledge, it comes out to only a few hundred years of witchcraft. They took ancient writings, distorted it and twisted it to fit their liking. It’s like Enochian Magic. Originally, it was created a few hundred years ago, but now the rumors have spread so rapidly, they consider Enoch a magician now…. The very thing he condemned and cursed to hell in his own book. It seems these dark ones who claim to be illuminated ( really illusionists) have stolen every piece of history that they can… copy cats who take credit that is not theirs, much like the reason for the fall in the first place… pride and the desire to be worshipped, to be like God. In their mind

all power comes from their version of God 0r gods, to the Luciferians all created history is Lucifer’s … original isn’t it? They will never stop. Ever. They will distort every piece of history and pollute it if we let them. It is nearly impossible to study Egyptology in its purer state unless you go back to Wallis Budge and other earlier documents and ignore the revisionism and conspiracy theories. Anything written after the 1960s is useless other than basic evidential facts. There are a few modern scholars who are pretty amazing, but at best, they offer opinions mixed with facts already available to the public, so they can be a source but not a superior concrete place to look. The season we live in, is that in which we were chosen. At this time. To be here and to live through this.

First off, why are these twin towers/pillars so important? While many think of tarot, I have the echoes of Ancient Egyptian texts ringing in my ears of the “Twin Towers of Horus”. Today if you simply look up “Twin Towers Horus” you will see a massive amount of upheaval because of the eye of Horus being placed at the memorial and considered a vulgar display of the blood cult ritual held by the illuminati. Originally the eye of Horus wasn’t something to fear, it was a symbol of protection, but as with most images, dark forces take it and twist it to use for their own means.

-Regarding the “Pillars of Hermes” of “Seth” and of “Solomon”
“In the 9th chapter of the [Egyptian] Ritual of the Dead they are referred to as the ‘Pillars of Shu’, the ‘Pillars of the Gods of the Dawning Light’, and also as ‘the North and Southern Columns of the Gate of the Hall of Truth’. In the 125th chapter, they are represented by the sacred gateway, the door to which the aspirant is brought when he has completed the negative confession. The archaic pictures on the one Pillar are painted in black upon a white ground, and those on the other in white upon a black ground, in order to express the interchange and reconciliation of opposing forces and the eternal balance of light and darkness which give force to visible nature….The archaic illustrations are taken from vignettes of the 17th and 125th chapter of the Ritual of the Dead, the Egyptian Book of the ‘Per-em-Hru’ or the ‘Book of Coming Forth into the Day’, the oldest book in the world as yet discovered.”
“…The general design of the White Pillar is a pictorial synthesis of the gradual freeing of the soul from the body, left to be mummied and its union with Osiris, Lord and Judge of the Dead and of the resurrection, the sun in his rising….The Black Pillar symbolizes the pathway of darkness, the Negative Confession, as the White Pillar represents the Hymn to the Rising Sun, the Pathway of Light, and the Positive Confession.”
– G. H. Frater, “The Core of the Tradition”
Quote From: The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic (Source


angel-wardAngel Ward Bio  

Angel has been studying Egyptology from the age of 14, now 35 she has picked up on many things scientists and Archeologists would not openly speak about. She is devoted to Jesus Christ and the Lord, while using her talents to expose misconceptions, secrets and mysteries found within God’s Word as well as the mysteries written into the very codes of life hidden all-around of us. She has overcome abuse, depression and being rejected for being an Empath. She turned 1 on her death bed in a Hospital in Southern Louisiana, a pure Miracle saved her life. Because she was so close to death, the veil is thinner for her and she can feel, sense and is aware of more than most people. Angel saw a ghost at the age of 8 living in New Orleans, and has had a few supernatural experiences throughout her life. Due to depression and self-harm as a young teen, she opened the doorways to demonic attack and was tormented for years in Astral by force, and the only thing that saved her was the name of Jesus Christ. She is a believer not just because she was raised in it, but because she experienced that Jesus’ saves and His name causes demons to flee. She spent her early Childhood in Southern Louisiana, yet most of her life she’s lived all over Texas, from the desert in Midland to the Houston/Galveston area. She started writing in 5th grade in honor of her only fellow lefty who was in the family, her Uncle who was killed while stationed in Germany in the early 70s just days before he was to be sent home. He was known for his sense of humor, heroism and writing. He was a poet, so Angel tried poetry inspired by him and hasn’t stopped since. She has been a freelance writer and was at one time a tour guide for a little ghost touring company on Galveston Island. It was a family friendly tour rich in history about an island that has seen more death than most places in the US. While guiding tours she heard many firsthand accounts by amazing tourist from all over the world who have had experiences with the paranormal. Some inspirational, some downright scary. She has learned that there is truly a spiritual battle everywhere, all of the time. Angels and Demons, heavenly beings and dark entities. She suggests to never dabble in the unknown, only walk the path led by your Maker, and unless you have the gift of the discernment of Spirits, whatever you do, don’t invite them in.

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