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As the Pendulum Swings: Episode II “The Cosmic Dawn”

Author: Andrew Smith

In this second installment, we are going to bring to light some things I am still trying to process and explain, mainly the idea of a large celestial body heading toward our cosmic neighborhood, a knowing of ancient times that has been deliberately shrouded in secrecy from the known history and announced as heresy in most Christian doctrines.  If you missed Episode I,  I would encourage you read it here  As the Pendulum Swings EPISODE I “Signs & Wonders”  for context.    We are going to be examining these ideas from both canonical and non-canonical Scriptures.  We are going to be looking at these ideas from both a spiritual and a scientific standpoint.  For a good balance on this subject I have chosen Biblical Scripture, The Book of Enoch (Biblically endorsed Scripture), The Kolbrin Bible, and Hopi Prophecy.   We will absorb the different tangents of information to see if we can arrive at a more complete revelation of truth.  First and foremost, to clear one thing up for the readers so that there is less opportunity for misconception, my studies of these things come from a strong urge to seek the Truth.  The fundamental Truth that fuels the seeking of all other truths underneath of Him is Christ and His teachings.  Not the perverted version of Christ that the doctrines of men put forth or the image that hateful judgmental people the world over that are flying the Christian flag portray but the one spoken into this world by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Although the Truth of Christ isn’t a prerequisite to understanding the rest of these ideas, His mission of reconciliation of all creation is the foundation from which these very ideas are categorized in my center and this writing.  Where you place them in your center is up to you and your beliefs.  I would be lying if I said that my concern for those out of covenant with Christ isn’t strong but realize that out of all the things God can take away, that freewill is one He chose not to.  Everyone has the right to believe in whatever manner they see fit.  It is my hope that the places we are about to go would plant the seeds of Truth into those out of fellowship with the Creator because that is where my passion resides and why I seek absolute Truth; to know what to share.  The first place we are going to go stems from the following Q&A and the places they took me as I tried to understand the “Cosmic Dawn”, “The disassembled deception” and “the emerging deception” that I spoke of in them.  These Q&As often stem from the Holy Spirit asking me the simple question, “What do you see?”  Often when I write the answers they are abstract and come from the fringes of my consciousness leaving me somewhat perplexed to their actual meaning.

Question – What do you see?

Answer – I see connections being made.  I see a coalescence of people forming with God’s Will at the center.  Relationships of old and new that compliment, confirm, and amplify their calling.  I see cultural divides being broken down.  Social media is transcending distances that for far too long has separated the likeminded.  As thoughts coalesce a Spirit of Truth will emerge on a world scope.  God separated the language in the days of old.  The world’s cultures matured with different fragments of Truth.  As these fragments come together through connections of Faith, Love, and Understanding a Cosmic Truth will emerge.  God is about to loose the keys to his Kingdom to the masses. A cultural paradigm shift. A tsunami of Gods Holy Spirit will wash over mankind. As thought patterns change, words and language will rearrange and fall in line with his will. Principalities on earth will shift and those in positions of influence will line up with the Spirit of God and His will and divine work. Those who have eyes see and those that have ears hear.  The Cosmic Dawn is about to crest the horizon.  We are past the three O clock hour.  The morning dew is forming to water the hearts of men.  Prepare your fields for seed.  Sow your seeds in abundance for the time of harvest approaches.  The time to speak is now.  Rise up and resonate the Truth and set people FREE!

Question: What do you see?

Answer: I see the Absolute Sovereign Power of The Inconceivable One in everything from the quarks of the atom to the perfect order of the galaxies.  I see the laws of His perfect order in everything under my conceived but limited perception.  The Pleroma of The Logos surpass all comprehension save the mind of the Father.  I see the restoration of ALL things through the incarnation of that Logos, Christ Jesus.  I see the veil that covers the Truth about to be lifted.  Under said veil shall be revealed the Way.  The Way to Life eternal.  The One and Only True Way to Life unsealed for all that accept.  The celestial bodies in Heaven are in position for a time.  A time of gathering together.  Not only a time of exploding knowledge but a time of deception destroying wisdom.  As one of the greatest deceptions of all is disassembled another will emerge.  Embrace our Christ in earnest prayer lest your hearts be deceived.  First and foremost, pour the Love of our Savior into this world and Do Not fall victim to the snare of hate that is brewing.  Spend NOT our time on our feet in pride but rather on our knees in prayer.  I see our Savior in the distance.  Kneel, pray, and stay prepared. AMEN

Let’s start with the brown dwarf star and/or giant iron planet, Nibiru, Nemesis, Destroyer, Planet X, Wormwood, Planet 9, Hercolubus or whatever you want to call it/them.  It has been postulated by many astronomers about a missing link in our solar system.  The observed anomalies such as the Earth’s wobble and unexplained variances in the outer gas giants in the solar system begs for a mathematical reconciliation.  The only equation that balances these anomalies is a large celestial body(s) with an elongated elliptical orbit.  This postulated orbit is at an angle such as when it is incoming it is traveling downward towards our known sun.  Some believe this unknown celestial body to be a brown dwarf star or a sister star.  This star has its own planets and moons and runs a very long elliptical orbit that throws it into our inner solar system at the allotted time.  Some believe that within this anomaly lies a huge iron planet with the electromagnetic resonance beyond measure and enough to render every electronic device useless right along with the minds of this planets indigenous population.  These ideas were common knowledge of the ancients.  Many ancient writings the world over spoke of this sister star.  Some call it Nibiru (planet of crossings), some call it The Destroyer, and some call it Nemesis.  Some have theorized that this celestial body comes in from time to time and maybe even drop, capture, and trade moons with some of the known gas giants.  I believe canonical scripture spoke of this celestial body in The Book of Revelation as a fiery red dragon, wormwood, and the morning star and versions thereof.   Does anyone else find it highly ironic that almost every culture in the world has some sort of folklore pertaining to an ancient red winged beast or dragon that always seems to be the harbinger of destruction?   Let us look at three canonical Scriptures and one from Enoch.

(Revelation 12:3 NLT)  Then I witnessed in heaven another significant event. I saw a large red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, with seven crowns on his heads.

(Revelation 12:9NLT) This great dragon—the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world—was thrown down to the earth with all his angels.

(Isaiah 14:12-15 NLT)  “How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world. For you said to yourself, ‘I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God’s stars. I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north. I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.’ Instead, you will be brought down to the place of the dead, down to its lowest depths.

This I believe explains the elongated elliptical orbit that is at an angle with the elongated orbit going up (recesses of the north).  This star has rebelled against its God given orbit in an attempt to rise above the other stars and God Himself.  This folly creates much calamity for our solar system.  Many astrologers know about this estranged celestial body(s) and that it will bring huge gravitational stress to Earth as well as the rest of the planets.   It is also theorized that the dwarf star’s flyby will cause a polar shift of some of the planets including Earth.  The tidal friction from the gravitational forces of such a massive celestial body(s) will be extensive and life changing on Earth no doubt.  It is estimated by some that the last flyby was during the time of Exodus thus the plagues of Egypt.  It is also estimated by others that the orbit is shorter than Sitchin’s 3600ish year orbit and postulate a 2000ish year orbit putting its last flyby during the birth of Christ.  Keep in mind that a relatively calm flyby is possible if the orbital alignments of the two systems are timed perfectly.  It is when the crossing comes at a time that the orbits conflict that celestial crashes and gravitational stress are possible.  The disinformation of this ancient knowledge is outstanding.  The lengths gone to keep these ideas to the few is overwhelming.   Postings from random independent observatories about the finding of the mysterious celestial body(s) are almost instantly removed from the web.  Sometimes even mysterious deaths to the astronomers publishing findings are documented.  This begs the question what would be the reason to hide this.  Some say so that mass panics not be evoked by the knowledge of a dwarf star or undiscovered planet heading toward the solar system.  Either way it seems that more and more people are sensing this incoming harbinger.  I have tagged this The Cosmic Dawn.  This leads me to “the lifting of the veil/ disassembled deception”.   Next, we will examine all the facets of the word apocalypse in Episode III The Apocalypse.  It is not just an end but it is a beginning, at least for some.  Be sure to subscribe to GIAN and watch for part III, IV, and V because this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper, has a lot of confirmation from many sources and cultures the world over, and it ends well.

May the grace of Christ, and the love of Creator, and the fellowship of Holy Spirit be with you all.

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