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Wag the Dragon

Author: Andrew Smith

Anyone who follows my writings knows that I am a sucker for a play on words.  Hence the above title.  It is play on the phrase “wag the dog”. To go ahead and set the flavor of this article let’s look at the meaning of said phrase.  The phrase ‘Wag the Dog’ is used to indicate that attention is purposely being diverted from something of greater importance to something of lesser importance.  There is an online community that I have watched progress over the last decade that has taken on the name sky watchers.  They compile information on the mysterious theories of the infamous planet X.  Crunching numbers on stellar cartography programs looking for that elusive planetary alignment that ushers in the unknown harbinger of destruction.  Building on the works of Zecharia Sitchin and made popular by the TV show Ancient Aliens we are introduced to the Annunaki.  Surely you have seen at least one meme of the ancient aliens guy with the crazy hair blaming everything on aliens.  Many attribute the Annunaki to the Bene Elohim of Genesis 6 or the offspring thereof the Nephilim.  As wild as it sounds you may be surprised at just how much information, of old and new, that points to the existence of a still yet undiscovered element to our solar system: or at least undiscovered by the unwitting masses.  However, it seems that many astronomers are on the cusp of announcing a consolidated announcement of the discovery of just such an anomaly.  Either way data shows that something has got our solar system on tilt.


Every culture from around the world has some kind of ancient lore or legend of a giant winged beast that brings desolation in its wake.   Many ancient communications, scriptures, or codices speak of this phenomenon and it seems that it carries many different names.  The Kolbrin Bible speaks of the Frightener/Destroyer.  Ancient Sumerian text name it Nibiru.  Babylonians called it Marduk.  Certain Greek stories adopted the name Nemesis.  The Chinese call it Gung-gung or Red Dragon.  The Latin cultures call it Hercolubus.  Hopi prophesies of the Blue Star/Red Star Kachinas call it the Purifier.  The current fashion among many skywatchers at present is Planet 9.  Even the Holy Bible teaches of a great red celestial dragon in the last book of its contents.   These are just to name a few and I will leave the bulk of the research up to you because it is my belief that Truth is indeed a journey.  For earnest seekers of truth, the adventure of sifting through mountains of disinformation to find those rare nuggets of veracity that begin to fit the puzzle pieces together to form a picture that somehow is already known within themselves, there is no greater satisfaction.   If you choose to read some of these different accounts or if you already have, you will surely pick up on the similarities.  I find it highly ironic that ancient structures seem to have been built for the purposes of heavenly observation.  As if to be watching the skies for some ominous phenomena foretold to them by their ancestors warning of a celestial harbinger.   The Bible itself points to signs and wonders in the heavens that we are to be mindful of.


The key is to not get derailed in the distraction fueled by the furnace of fear.  To be able to engage in a healthy study within the halls of eschatology or the harbingers of apocalyptic precursors we need to examine the full meaning of apocalypse.  Somehow in today’s vernacular the word apocalypse has taken a dark and fearful interpretation that is different from the roots it came from.  If we refer to the Strong’s Concordance and look at 601 and 602 it seems to take on a completely different cognitive revelation.

601 apokalýptō (from 575 /apó, “away from” and 2572 /kalýptō, “to cover”) – properly, uncover, revealing what is hidden (veiled, obstructed), especially its inner make-up; (figuratively) to make plain (manifest), particularly what is immaterial (invisible).

602 /apokálypsis (“revelation, unveiling”) is principally used of the revelation of Jesus Christ (the Word), especially a particular (spiritual) manifestation of Christ (His will) previously unknown to the extent (because “veiled, covered”).

It is with the digestion of those root definitions that I find a calm and a peace that follows any study into the realms of an apocalypse.  Much like the stories of the Hopi and their star katchinas, the purifier is only to be feared by those out of touch with The Great Spirit and it is them that is driven mad by the unveiling of an unseen realm that supersedes the realm of the flesh.  Has anyone else applied the mechanics of red shift and blue shift as pertains to astrological observations to the stories of the two kachinas passed down by Hopi elders.  When a celestial object is moving closer to us, the light moves to the blue end of the spectrum, as its wavelengths get shorter to our perception.   When that same object moves away from us, the light is shifted to the red end of the spectrum, as its wavelengths get longer to our perception. Much like the horn of a passing train sounds distinctly different coming towards us then when it passes and is heading away.  That seems an awful lot like a star or planet coming in from long winters journey, entering into our cosmic neighborhood, and making a swift and abrupt turn around our sun and heading back out to the celestial sea.  That’s one of those nuggets of Truth that sears my soul with an abundance of awe.  The Revelation of John was that the red dragon, that ancient serpent, was unsuccessful in depredations against God’s beloved.  Under the premise of the above two statements I can see why the word apocalypse has taken such a frightening seat in the minds of the worlds people considering the state it and them are in.  But I implore to you to not allow the spirit of fear to distract you from pressing into that desired Truth that we all seek.  Let not a fearful disposition sway your curiosity of the most important questions of life that are yet to be answered but pursue those questions in the spirit of Jeremiah 33:3 which says “Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”  We must not let the fear of the impending destruction of physical things lessen the importance of the outcome of that purification.  God showed Jeremiah in the eighteenth chapter of his book that the clay was the potters to do with as He saw fit.  Whether it be the earth herself or these jars of clay we drive around, it seems that we are on the Potter’s wheel and the reclamation that the Creator has ordained by His Word is contingent on the crushing and reformation of that very clay.   Don’t let the spirit of fear wag the dog or should say in this case, wag the dragon.


May the grace of Christ, and the love of Creator, and the fellowship of Holy Spirit be with you all.