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Free Energy and the Kingdom of God/with video

Author: Hope Girl

Moses had Aaron and a stick. Jesus had 2 fish and five loaves of bread. Yet they managed to free a people from slavery and feed 5,000. Where did this power come from? Could this be part of what the bible refers to as “The Kingdom of God”?

The term “free energy” is a modern day buzzword that refers to the creation of energy from sources that does not require an input that has to be paid for. Devices that would be considered “free energy” would produce more power out than it takes to run them, which means that they can power themselves while providing additional output to power a load. You may have heard these devices are all a scam, or even “against the laws of physics”. But let’s take a look at some of the principles behind “free energy” and how they might fall in line with a biblical perspective.

Many have spent their entire lives seeking a deeper understanding of what “The Kingdom of God” really means. It has aspects of being a just government established by God and being superior to any government formed by human kind. Jesus, who God appointed as King in the kingdom (Matthew 28:18) tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed (Mark 4:30), that the kingdom is within you (Luke 17:20) and that it belongs to people with childlike curiosities (Matthew 19:13).

Energy harvested from the space around us can behave like the mustard seed. Our bodies are made out of precision biological software that exemplifies the glory of our creator. Hasn’t God done the same with the energy that runs our earths systems? It is through the childlike wonder of inventors and tinkerers that God choses to reveal mysteries and witty inventions.

The bible speaks about the abundant aspects of the Kingdom of God, about cities that flourish like grass (Psalms 72:16), barns that are filled with plenty and presses bursting out with new wine (proverbs 3:10) and how according to the power that is within us he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20).

Abundance is an aspect of the Kingdom of God, and God is bringing his Kingdom to earth. We all need energy to survive. Is it not God that created everything and breathed the breath of life into Adam? God created electricity and “under the whole of heaven he lets it loose and his lightning to the ends of the earth” (Job 37:3). God’s energy is everywhere, it is all around us. It’s in the sun, the water and the very air we breathe. The electric universe theory speaks about there being electricity everywhere throughout the universe in the atmosphere, in space, and through plasma. Inventors like Nikola Tesla say that “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the worlds machinery without the need for coal, oil or gas.”

Does the power or energy of the Kingdom of God carry with it principles of abundance and glory, or principles of lack and limitation?

In today’s world we utilize expensive and polluting fossil fuels to run our appliances, our homes, our cars and every aspect of our modern technical lives. These systems are old, wasteful, poorly designed and run on resources that are allegedly scarce. Does this sound like the qualities of the God who created the universe and the sophisticated structures that reside within it? Or does this sound more like the manipulation of a far lesser power, the god of this world and the prince of the power of the air?

We pay dearly for energy. When you figure in things like the cost of fuel for shipping, power for manufacturing and power for operations, energy makes up almost 80% of the cost of everything. All of this energy represents a $600 trillion piggybank that is run by the global elite. Many people in our world do not have access to energy because they cannot afford it. This energy grid and its financial aspects is representative of slavery at its core. But the spirit of the Lord has come to set the captives free. (Luke 4:18)

Why are we paying so much for energy when the bible tells us how the birds of the air do not sow or reap, yet their heavenly father feeds them? Are we not worth much more than they? (Matthew 6:26)
Yet times are changing. The Kingdom of God is at hand. The bible tells us that we will find out knowledge of witty inventions (proverbs 8:12). Perhaps free energy is part of Gods Kingdom? If so, it would need to break through into the domain of Satan, slavery, and fossil fuels. However “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.” (Matthew 11:12). This tells us of the conflict, difficulty and violence that this changeover of power will bring. So abundant renewable energy will not come through without a fight, that’s for sure!

This article, (and the ones that will follow) are meant to bring the reader through some basic principles around the arena of free energy from a Christian perspective. This is a topic that’s been shrouded in cover-up, mayhem, mystery, controversy and murder.   Future articles will cover famous inventors, laws of physics and nature, and historical events.

Moses had Aaron and a stick and the Kingdom of God, and this is how he freed a people from slavery. Jesus had two fish and five loaves and the Kingdom of God and this is how he fed 5,000.
With this understanding perhaps it is possible that an inventor with some electrical parts, revelation of a witty invention and the power of the Kingdom of God could light up the world.

hope-girl-bio-photoAuthor: Hope Girl

Hope Girl is an American expat living in Morocco where she runs several online businesses and a community center for local impoverished women and children. She holds an MBA and comes from a diverse background. In 2012 she became a whistleblower against corporate corruption and left the corporate world to start her own alternative blog and online business venture. This led her down a rabbit hole of discovery into the world of conspiracy theories, free energy, and the new age movement.

Hope and her engineering family open-sourced a Tesla Inspired Free Energy Generator in March of 2014. More than 250,000 people have downloaded the free generator plans and at least 100 machines are being built and developed in private workshops in 40 countries. She and her family run an online engineering academy to help teach engineers about this suppressed technology. As with any field that disrupts the current power structure, this work has brought with it a lot of opposition and persecution. However, Hope and her family view this work as their assignment from the most high God, who continues to provide assistance and revelation to the project, just as he did with Noah when he was building the ark.

After being exposed to some of the darker forces in the new age movement, she came back home to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While living abroad, she and her family practice “home churching” through Living Word Ministries online. She found the God in a Nutshell project through Trey Smith’s movies on Youtube and she is honored and humbled to serve the readers of the God in a Nutshell Project by offering articles covering free energy topics and also shedding light on the new age deception, from her personal experiences and through a Christian perspective. To learn more about her humanitarian project please visit: to learn more about her Free Energy project please visit: