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The Spirit Within

Author: Andrew Smith

Let’s start with a dictionary definition

1. the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.
2. the incorporeal part of humans: present in spirit though absent in body.
3. the soul regarded as separating from the body at death.
4. conscious, incorporeal being, as opposed to matter: the world of spirit.
5. a supernatural, incorporeal being, especially one inhabiting a place, object, etc., or having a particular character: evil spirits.
6. a fairy, sprite, or elf.
7. an angel or demon.

First off, I want this writing to come from a place of honesty. That honesty is that I do not even know but a whisper of the Truth that resides in the mind of the Father. This is not an attempt to teach anyone a truth or to challenge anyone’s understanding of this complex construct we are part of or moving through. It is only an attempt to express my current understanding of the subject “the spirit of man”. This writing is meant to invoke healthy ponderings and relevant questions, nothing more. That being said let’s talk about the spirit within.

Throughout my life the Holy Spirit has used my everyday surroundings to communicate through a pattern of association. In my adult life He speaks to me through my current toil and/or skill set. Electricity is one of those skill sets that He has spent a lot of time associating truth through. Knowing how electricity works and its ability to carry information through wires via data cables gave Him a platform to reveal the nature of thought and consciousness to me. After years of figuring lighting patterns using math to figure lumens, the different shades of light, and how they fill a room, He had a platform to reveal all the different spectrum of light there is, both seen and unseen. My time spent doing machining work, handling very heavy pieces of steel and other composite materials, gave Him the platform to reveal to me the nature of mass and the weight/pressure that multiplies upon the coalescence of the matter and how gravity/attraction bring perfect order to the universe. This led to Him showing me how the weight of sin/iniquity has a similar effect on the soul as it accrues throughout life and the importance of breaking the yoke/chains of that bondage that sin/iniquity creates, dropping the weight so to speak. With the help of someone, who’s thoughts were a bit more centered then mine at the time, I wrote a piece of literature that centered my thoughts on Christ, ended my need to understand everything, and gave me what I needed to believe with absolutely no doubt and receive a peace beyond my current understanding. I do not share this understanding here as a point of disconnect or debate but only in context to the experience and the outcome of the writing for me, which was the partial understanding of what lies underneath the veil of flesh. I say partial, because to say that I have anything even close to full understanding of such things would be foolish and arrogant. It is only the measure of understanding I needed to quit dissecting the truth and just accept it with a peace of mind.

How I define the spirit of a man

There is a duality to this existence we experience. There is an earthly life and there is a cosmic life. No one can deny the clear distinction in the Holy Bible between flesh and spirit. There is a physical experience that is flesh, blood, and bone. There is a spiritual experience that is thought, sentience, and consciousness. From the time of our birth into this mortal coil these two experiences are parallel and one, and in the same way that we all have physical bodies that are corporeal we have spiritual bodies that are incorporeal. Each of these is separate but also one for a time. Our spiritual bodies coalesce at the center of our physical bodies. I believe it to be a combination of a magnetic field, electricity and certain frequencies of light outside of the spectrum that our technology has the ability to measure. The combination of these three forces forms the design of the spiritual body. In the same way that our physical bodies are made of carbon and water our spirits are made of magnetic fields, electricity and light or the lack thereof (iniquity). In the same way our physical bodies ingest food of either healthy or unhealthy design and those foods make us healthy or unhealthy, our spirits ingest food of either healthy or unhealthy design that also leads to a healthy or an unhealthy spiritual state. This is why most churches practice some form of fellowship that involves eating. A lot of Truths that Christ explained happened at the supper table. It is a natural process to feed the corporeal body with the food it needs then feed the incorporeal body the food that it needs. Jesus knew this to be a good way to help people understand the duality of ingestion. The healthy spiritual foods are love, compassion, selflessness, etc…Unhealthy spiritual foods are hate, loathing, selfishness, etc…

The life experiences we navigate is what helps develop our consciousness and spiritual frequency. It is that consciousness that defines who we are as individuals or (persons). The power of thought itself is a phenomenon that science struggles to explain. Science can read thoughts by measuring the electrical impulses produced while thought is occurring but still struggles to understand it. The mass of the earth has a magnetic field. Within that magnetic field is the consciousness of our Mother Earth, She breaths, She lives, She is self-aware. Electricity is energy transformed by this consciousness and lightning is that energy attempting to return to the source, as all energy attempts to do by its nature. This is Her Spirit. That same idea scaled down to the size of our corporeal bodies and thus you have our mass of our corporeal bodies that has a magnetic field and thought is the energy transformed by our consciousness. Our thoughts form our reality and send out frequencies into the universe that return in the same polarity they were released either by thought, speech, or action. This is our spirit. The third component of light is an optional one. With an abundance of this light the spirit renews infinitely. Without this light the spirit withers and collapses in on itself under the weight of iniquity which is the natural byproduct of a spirit inert of the light it needs to sustain existence. This combination of energies has the ability to store experiences rather they are of a positive nature or ones of a negative nature, similar to the way a cassette tape stores information or music. Whichever one of these polarities coalesces at the center of this entity determines the nature of the entity. That is why it is best to seek Holiness. Without it we cannot sustain life under the crushing weight of even the slightest amount of iniquity. Our spirit was never meant to became part of the world of matter yet it has fallen into a slumber of unknowing. That is where the revelation of the importance of the gift that Jesus gave to us on the cross becomes so infinitely powerful. A bridge upon which the Creator can legally reconcile us to Himself. The ability of Creator to renew our spirit with His own through the intersession of Christ. Like a freshly formatted disk, the spirit is fixed of corruption. Sadly we as humans usually go back to the places where we got those weighty spiritual viruses.

The cross was an ultimate selfless act of Love (the greatest of all positive energies) for everyone moving through the mortal coil of flesh that prevailed against the weight of the iniquity and how He (Jesus) was able to sustain life after taking on the weight of the sin of an entire race of spiritual beings. If He did it for glory it would have failed. If He had done it out of obligation it would have failed. But He did it out of love, pure unadulterated love for a race of spiritual beings completely unaware of the gravity of the situation. Love conquers all. As the Son (Jesus) freed us all from our sin and gave us the path back to the Father (Creator) Jesus’s Spirit was flooded with the most powerful of all positive energies, Love. He was flooded with this due to the nature of Love and positive energies released by Spiritual beings of all like and manner. It always returns blessing. Because of the nature of what He did The Spirit of the Son expanded to encompass all other spirits who accepted this gift. It is that expansion of His umbrella of Love that forms Holy Spirit. Yes Holy Spirit is a person. It is why He had to go away before the Helper could come. He is also a cosmic infusion of Love that transcends all understanding here on earth and seems foreign or sounds like a phenomena but is not. It is only a matter of the scale and perception from which the individual looks at Truth. For those that look and accept things from a carnal perspective to the amount of information from which their perception is sustained, see The Trinity as the form of corporeal existence. Under that same idea of perception those that see the Trinity on a more cosmic scale of an infinite nature start to perceive things in a incorporeal existence. Neither one of these perceptions is greater than the other nor will they affect the inheritance we receive as co-heirs with Christ because the depth of knowledge is given from above to each ones need.

There is Quote by a man named Trey Smith about the spirit of man that rings as loud in my center as it did the first day I heard it. I will include here because it is such powerful truth and belongs in any writing that attempts to explain the spirit of man.

“The spirit is made in the image of God. Surely that is not a reference to this dying skin. Rather, like the drop of water, it has identical qualities to the ocean from which it came. It is a part of the ocean and the ocean is a part of it. Thus, the difference between the two is not quality, it is quantity. Therefore also, the soul of man is nothing less than a piece of the Father fighting its way back to the Source from which it came.

All one has to do to begin is pause long enough to open your REAL eyes.” — Trey Smith

After our physical death and transfiguration, we will have the ability to remain incorporeal or choose to manifest into corporeal much as Christ did after his resurrection before he went to be with the Father. The timing of transfiguration is another study all together. It is my belief that there will be those transfigured after physical death and others that are saved for the resurrection of the dead. That becomes a determination of the Fathers will and nothing else. This idea has raised some questions in some previous versions of this writing so I will elaborate a little here for clarification.

In the Gospel of John, we read about Christ’s post resurrection appearances to the disciples in locked rooms proposing that His post resurrection body had transcending properties yet was able to also be manifested physically at his choosing like when He allowed Thomas to inspect His wounds. It seems Christ had the ability to control the state of being He was in even before the resurrection, but the transcending properties doesn’t seem to show up until after the cross and His death. It is my belief that when we walk through the gates of death some will sleep until the consummation of Christ’s reconciliation and others will be awake enough to participate in God’s work on the other side of the mirror, working toward ushering His Kingdom into this world. That state of being, much like the Angels, comes with the post mortem transfigured body that can exist in both unseen and seen realms. This ability is inherited from Christ working through us.

The idea of the spiritual garments is discussed in the Dialog of the Savior codices from the Nag Hammadi library.

Even with the physical resurrection of our earthly bodies it is my understanding that it comes with transfigured properties that allows access into the heavenly realms.

I understand it in such a way that the new bodies come with the knowledge of how to manifest physically. How to project the essence of what we are into a material form. Our inner becomes our outer. Bodies manifested physically from the eternal essence recognized from within.

Now keep in mind that some will say that this explanation falls short of plausibility because no one has yet to materialize themselves after death save the one known as Christ. To that I have to explain that the divide between the realm of flesh and the eternal realms is not easily transcended nor is transcended without the will of the Father lest it be a transgression. The fact is that if any transfigured beings should manifest physically their purpose and identity and spiritual prowess would remain unknown to those that are interacted with. Also, if there is something seeking to make it presence known from out of the shadows I guarantee they are NOT your friend, nor a friend of Christ. The restraint of The Creator to remain hidden until reclamation is consummated is for our wellbeing and the gift of transcendence given to an entity has been given that gift with the foreknowledge of that same understanding and not without the track record of obedience. Those that seek entrance back into the physical without God given permission is demonic in nature and not uncommon at all.

So then, you have the Father who knows the Wisdom the Son who acts on the Wisdom and the Holy Spirit that not only communes with us and teaches that Wisdom but becomes the greatest part of us due to the salvation we receive through Him. All of this happens underneath the veil of flesh in the spiritual realm that shares the same space as the physical but runs on a different frequency. When anything happens in the spiritual realm it is transferred and paralleled in some type of corresponding manifestation in the physical. In the exact same way, everything that happens in the physical is transferred and paralleled in some type of personification in the spirit. Therefore, the iniquities of our sins transfer over into the eternal part of our existence. Without the cleansing power of the pure Love of Christ, blood shed at the cross, and the covering and shelter from the crushing weight of the amount of iniquity our centers have accrued over the period of time in this mortal coil we would be left to our own devises. The bondage of that very iniquity will separate us from anything remotely positive outside of covenant. Christ offers freedom. Christ offers Love. Christ Loves you. Not your flesh and bone body. Not the clothes or image you portray but the greatest part of you, the real part of you that you can’t hide with a facade; the spirit. Which spirit you may ask…..The Spirit Within.

May the grace of Christ, and the love of Creator, and the fellowship of Holy Spirit be with you all.

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