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You Can Have FREE ENERGY right now… for your car (with ZERO gas). You can have it for your home (a FREE ENERGY HOUSE). Literally, a home with NO ELECTRIC BILL.

And… it gets even cooler than all that. 

NOTE: The Sunbeam sports car above is NOT called “Prophecy.” Image goes with article — and refers to “Energy Solutions being a part of Future Prophecy.” Although several of the cars do exist, names proposed by Sunbeam include possibilities such as, “the new James Bond car.” Sunbeam actually produced the first James Bond Car in history — as is seen further down this article.  

YES. ALL of this is REAL RIGHT NOW! And not the junk stuff… the REAL STUFF.

While many resign the thought of having your own renewable, clean energy to utopian ideals, Sunbeam™ not only makes FREE ENERGY for homes, cars, foods… but for EVERYTHING…

FREE ENERGY never looked this GOOD.

From Sunbeam Technology and Sunbeam’s research, development and manufacturing plants come likely the TOUGHEST, BADDEST and MOST UNBELIEVABLE free energy products you’ll ever find — designed for the “coming storm”… In fact, speaking of storms, some of the PowerPorts™ even defend themselves when they know a storm is coming… producing MASSIVE FREE ENERGY in affordable, practical ways… whether for the healthiest & ripest food on the planet Earth… or surviving the apocalypse in style… or both… why not?

Talk of solar power can provoke images of that home or business we’ve all seen with big, blocky panels bolted on. Relocating involved leaving the investment behind, and a market not able to properly assess the added value — However…

Sunbeam PowerPorts™ are designed to go with you, customized according to your imagination.

Or see the Sunbeam choices right off the shelf…

Energy is NOT something you need to ask permission for or ever pay the power company again. And the future should look like the future. If this is your kind of dream, then you should have it the way YOU LIKE… all the way.

SHORT VERSION:  — PowerPorts™ – These can LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT (see our choices, they make YOUR THINGS LOOK BETTER)… And POWER ANYTHING from your Subdivision home, to your ranch, your hidden property, or your business that needs to stand out… they’ll even power the cars in your garage.)

The GAMES are OVER. This is REAL. This is NOW. 

In average-size homes over 70% of the energy can be provided through just one Sunbeam PowerPort™. Hot water is unquestionably vital, accounting for about 30% of our average utility bill, but with Sunbeam Solar Hybrid PowerPorts™, Clear Solar Radiant Heating Tubes heat the water while Dark Bronze Solar Radiant Tubes keep you warm with heated air. According to Michael Hughes, owner of Sunbeam™ America, air conditioning technology will also be available soon. On and off road travel is also made possible with clean running E-Trucks & Vans, Motorcycles, Motobikes, ATV’s and UTV’s available with many options, minus the inherent maintenance required of gasoline power.

According to the Bureau Of Transportation statistics, the average U.S. driver travels 29 miles each day spread over 4 separate trips. 91% of all business commutes occur in personal vehicles. Relative to temperature and driving conditions, Sunbeam’s BOLT™ series provides about 80 miles of continuous travel on a single charge. Leave the fight over terrestrial fuel at the pumps, which can escalate at a moment’s notice due to a spectrum of uncontrollable circumstances. The Sunbeam® BOLT™ series of vans multiply travel accommodations with dual sliding doors, dual air conditioning, a rear lift gate and full-length roof rack for up to five passengers; and one last thing, an onboard Sunbeam® “GenPac” Electric Generator with 120v outlets in varying wattages.

The GenPac also rides with Sunbeam® QuadFuel™ UTV’s, offering 110v and 220v of electrical service, able to recharge by remote activation or with sunlight at a Sunbeam PowerPort™. Plug-in to them while camping, from your RV, or your place of business. The option to utilize gasoline, clean air Propane, or Natural Gas is there, as well.

Being a New Motor Vehicle Manufacturer with design and assembly facilities located in North America, about 90% of New Car Dealer parts departments carry at least one of Sunbeam’s™ 160 patented products, accessible in over 40,000 retail locations spanning the United States and Canada. Partners in distribution include other automobile manufactures and retail outlets specializing in sales of automotive parts, motorcycles, RV’s, Farm and Ranch supply, as well as department stores.

For James Bond fans out there, the Sunbeam Alpine Series II was driven by Sean Connery in his first Bond film, “Dr.No.” 1962.

The Alpine was further developed to offer a Ford Challenger V8 in 1964, becoming a “Tiger” model Sunbeam by comedic operative, “CONTROL” Agent 86, a.k.a. “Maxwell Smart” of the 1960s tv series “Get Smart.”

NOTE: The Sunbeam sports car above is NOT called “Prophecy.” Image goes with article — and refers to “Energy Solutions being a part of Future Prophecy.” Although several of the cars do exist, names proposed by Sunbeam, include possibilities such as “the new James Bond car.” Sunbeam actually produced the first James Bond Car in history — as is seen above in this article.


Of course, if the Apocalypse comes… you’ll probably be glad you had it.

Sunbeam Motorcycles: From the vintage classics and collectors items… To the Sun-powered Free Energy Motorcycles of today

Yes… Of course Motorcycles should run without gas… But, you can still put it in if you like. Free Energy Motorcycles powered by the sun… and the hottest rides you’ll find on the street. For more on Sunbeam Motorcycles, click here.

FREE ENERGY BICYCLES: The Sunbeam MotoBike Collections

Free Energy: Sunbeam “Motobikes”

Why not let the sun peddle the bike for you. Did we mention they can go up 30 mph? That Makes them the fastest sun powered bikes on earth [that we know of]. For more information, click here.

In North America and abroad, Sunbeam™ is looking for more talented partners. If your are interested in joining the team contact Sunbeam™ at: http://www.sunbeamamerica.com/contact-us/

From Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell. . .

“Michael Hughes and Sunbeam have SIGNIFICANTLY supported and aided in Biblical Archaeology projects for decades…  It comes at no surprise to us at God in a Nutshell that Michael has also been the mind behind some of the boldest, baddest and most aggressive free energy projects on planet Earth.

Also, when talking about free energy — straight up — you need TOUGH stuff…. REAL stuff… STUFF that works. 

For all these reasons and more, at God in a Nutshell, we support the work and technology of Sunbeam and Michael Hughes.”

~Trey Smith