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Global Awakening: Election, Iran & China

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Prophecy Iran and China. And, the election of 2020.

The above video, roughly 25 minutes is about a Global Awakening prophesied by Kim Clement.

The ministry of Kim Clement can be found and supported at: House of Destiny.

A Simple Stone: Kim Clement prophesied this would all end with a “simple stone.”

I would note at the very on-set of this article that at the end of one of the most climactic of Kim Clement’s prophecies about “a new kind of war” waged on America and these evil “brothers of Goliath coming to steal the credit” (economy and dollar) of America. The prophecy says ~ “he will take a simple Stone, remember the name, and he will hold it up and they will laugh at him…. but the plan is so brilliant says the Lord, it could only have been given by Me…..” 

Currently, the largest presumable voter fraud epicenter is Pennsylvania, the Keystone state.

Additionally, Roger Stone, found at the website Stone Cold Truth, a friend of Donald Trump, has been involved with Stop the Steal rallies which the mainstream media have defined as “a dangerous spreading virus.”

Voter Fraud Arguments looking interesting

Currently, there are images circulating the internet that have Donald Trump at 410 electoral votes. These maps are claimed by some, such as OAN news, to be reports leaked from branches of the US military that conducted a possible raid on servers in Frankfurt, Germany where US election data was somehow routed.

OAN alleged server seized by U.S. army shows President Trump had 410 electoral votes – Democrat Election Fraud

The map above becomes easily believable when one takes into account that Donald Trump’s 74 million votes (not counting however many were “lost” or worse by machines or by mail) is over 10 million more than when he beat Hillary Clinton. Further, that is 20 million more votes than Ronald Reagan had when he took every state but Minnesota in 1984 (Reagan 1984 map below).

Electoral College 1984 (Reagan)

So, we are being told that Joe Biden, according to CNN and others, is the most popular man in the world.

In fact, Joe Biden’s 80 million claimed votes, if we are to believe these numbers, means that Joe Biden beat Obama’s best popular vote by 11 million. This would of course mean, should we believe these numbers, that it was Joe Biden who actually won the 2008 election for Barrack Obama — More than this, these numbers would state it was actually Obama that held Joe Biden’s massive popularity back. 

CNN Recorded Screens Look Pretty Shady

Speaking of CNN who we pick on quite a lot in this article; on election night, many people recorded their screens. Here is merely one example beneath of recordings of what appears to vote switching right before the eyes. I would note that there are many, many examples of what you see beneath. Accordingly, CNN and others firmly state, what you clearly see before you is plainly “not real.” I’ll lay that in your hands.

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Whatever the case, this term “Kraken” has become popular in the mix.

The Kraken

In ancient Greek legend, the Kraken is a creature that was only stopped “stone cold” when the head of Medusa was presented by Perseus.  Medusa, of course, was a female serpent with a head full of snakes, and  a cold empty heart, that took the life from anything she looked upon.

Accordingly, the Kraken was creature that could come forth with many tentacles in every direction from the great deep ~ unseen by the eye unless summonsed ~ that could take any army all on its own.

It was only the one who could overcome Medusa for which the Kraken was beneath.

But, in this age, the powerful news agencies and the corporate titans behind them all scream, as if in dire despair, that the modern “Kraken” has been vanquished by none other than the media armies of CNN, and other parrots that chirp the same song. At least this is their current claim from every screen through which they can vomit and pump in fresh warm raw sewage into the mind of the common man.

Speaking of CNN, and their good friends at the BBC, otherwise known as the British Brainwashing Company, claim loudly as the screech of filthy fingernails from a thousand old school house chalkboards, that voter fraud is not real. And, such is now labeled on every Tweet, for both Democrat and Republican alike.

Becoming Slaves and America the Poorest Country in the World is Goal #1

You are all equal; equal slaves they all seem to nod and say ~ we’ve got you now. We trapped you with our low-grade music artists that can’t hold a tune, our movies about social justice played out as super hero cartoons on the big screen for adults to liquify the mind, our cheap video games and endless apps flowing from the phone your making payments on in your pocket to keep you distracted, directed and unaware with updates and great deals to dazzle your thoughts… and, some Chinese made junk guaranteed to break the week that we sold to you at high dollar prices from the lowest-grade slave labor camps we could find…. And, atop it all ~ your currency, all our Bitcoin and Ethereum scams to get you truly immersed in a fictional world. But yet, the cage around you ~ that part is likely starting to look strangely real, eh?

All of this wonder, in exchange just for a small thing ~ your freedom, your future…. well, everything… even your soul.

But yet, prophecy says God shall extend mercy to the United States. You have to have the courage to desire that. Beyond this, it is a time to pray and ask the Lord for our freedom we so foolishly took for granted.

Smartmatic: the Choice for Every Nation that becomes a Hellhole Directly Afterwards

Is it not CNN who says that Smartmatic is a secure voting system with no evidence of fraud? Well, my goodness, then what old news report is this (beneath).

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Global Awakening means the world, even beyond the borders of the United States, will begin to open its eyes to some of the largest lies ever known in human history. Also, and foremost, that a harvest of many, many, many millions will find the Lord Jesus, basic joy in living again, and receive back the blessing we all took for granted.

Gettysburg: A Turning Point

America has been a place that has played games with darkness for a long time; saying: “it will never hurt me!”

Rudy Giuliani is quoted at the Gettysburg Pennsylvania election fraud hearings on November 25th of 2020 as stating: “You give criminals an inch, they will take a mile. If you give them a mile, they will take your whole country.”

Gettysburg is considered the place of the turning point of the Civil War, from Jul 1st – 3rd of 1863.

Kim Clement: A Dedication

I have done my best to put together a collection of prophecies that appear to talk about this time-frame.

Kim Clement seemed very concerned that he had had visions of a plot against America that was a long-term plan by foreign countries. This plan, as it appears in prophetic visions above, was to literally take down America, and even the White House.

Kim Clement seemed to strongly indicate this plan would fail, and backfire.  

These progressively became a subject he seemed to have prophetic visions about leading towards the time of his death.

Countries Kim Clement spoke about frequently in these prophecies were: Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and Russia. The core of the prophecies were events that revolved around China and Iran ~ some-type of “new kind of war.” He would often go further and indicate, it would seem, that Russia would be a wild-card – perhaps even changing its mind on whatever these events were in the visions.

Kim Clement did redundantly seem to prophecy that Donald Trump would be president, which was unheard of at the time. Moreover, he prophesied that Trump would have two terms, which hangs in the balance even as I type this page. 

Beyond this, he spoke of an attempted steal of the presidential election by a “stately looking man” in prophecies that are currently held back by the Clement family.

Kim Clement’s ministry is and was called “House of Destiny.”

Ministry of Kick Satan’s Ass

I am also including on this page a prophetic word given by one of Kim Clement’s dear friends, Greg Scroggins. Greg’s father’s ministry was called “Kick Satan’s Ass International.” And, it was Kim Clement who told Greg Scoggins, “Let’s go kick Satan’s ass together…” (as is seen in the clips below).

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Charlie Ray Jordan

Also, Kim Clement’s Bassist, Charlie Ray Jordan is pictured beneath. He was and is an incredible friend to Kim. They played together for decades.

Charlie Ray Jordan (seen above) needs your prayers as he is going through some medical things. I will put his info for any support you may consider beneath.

But, he also shared a prophecy, which you can find other teachings and prophecy from him at his Facebook page:

The Sound Presents: 30/30/30:
Back on March 25th, 2019 God spoke this Word to me (Charlie Ray Jordan): 30/30/30: The Dow will hit 30,000 doing Trumps second term. I didn’t post this Word then because of:
1: Fear of being either wrong,
2: Thinking that was only a Word for a prophet like Kim Clement to release. But God told me on this date: July 19, 2019: SPEAK MY WORD… I also felt that when this happens, we will truly begin to see the prophetic promise that the Lord spoke thru prophet Kim come to pass: Death to Debt……
Checkout this testimony of God’s faithfulness…
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