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Entities: a Journey Beyond the DIMENSION of Angels, Ghosts, Demons & Shadows

Entities: To get the FULL ENTITIES UNVEILING COLLECTION, click here


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Trey%20Smith:%20God%20in%20a%20Nutshell%20–%20the%20Choice” fs=”1″]
Entities: The clip above comes from Entities: the Beginning (Disc One of the Two Disc Entities Unveiling Collection) When you finish the film please (if you can) post a comment….. or review of the of the Entities documentaries anywhere online. We LOVE to read those.

Entities was produced by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project. The documentaries took roughly two years to make — and were the most extensive & challenging amounts of effort of any of the God in a Nutshell documentary to date. The goal was — literally — to MAKE SOMETHING UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE PLANET. And, we VERY, VERY STRONGLY believe we accomplished that.  

Entities: the Unveiling Set

Entities: the Beginning (Disc One). It is 2 hours and 23 minutes long. It covers a mixture of the wildly strange archaeological and the supernatural — a documentary you will definately want to watch much more than once. It is packed (they all are!). For just Entities: the Beginning — click here

Entities: the Beginning by Trey Smith

Entities: the Unveiling (Disc Two). It is 2 hours and 24 minutes long <—– by the way, that’s all a DVD will really hold with High Quality.

If you thought Entities: the Beginning was non-stop, edge-of-the-seat, fast-paced — you haven’t seen anything until you hit play on the Unveiling.



Enoch: Book of Enoch by Trey Smith. It is also 2 hours and 23 minutes long. It is (we believe) the VERY BEST break-down of the pre-flood Book of Enoch available anywhere….. We ask you to be the judge of that. It is a full, easy, documentary breakdown. Entities: the UnVeiling — click here.

Enoch: Book of Enoch

For just Enoch — click here


For full Entities Unveiling Collection (Entities: the Beginning -and- Entities: the Unveiling, and Enoch) <— click here

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