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Top Scientist Predicts Book of Revelation

Author: Diane Watt

“I can’t imagine there will be a human on the planet in ten years.”

Those were the words of renowned climate scientist and professor emeritus from the University of Arizona Dr. Guy McPherson.

During a recent climate change interview McPherson claimed humans are destroying the planet, it can’t be stopped, and in ten years everything will be gone. Hope, he says, is futile.

On what does he base his assertion? About seventy “self-reinforcing feedback loops” in place that create cycles of planetary destruction. One such loop is methane gas released when Arctic ice melts. The methane is retained in the atmosphere, warming the planet causing more ice melt, thus extending and deepening the cycle.

In other words there are seventy cycles occurring that are destroying the entire planet. They are unstoppable, growing in strength, and their results are exponential.

Does Science Agree with Bible?

As I viewed the interview I wanted to jump on Dr. McPherson’s desk and lovingly shove my Bible in his face. If only he could see his words and evidence confirm he (unknowingly) predicts the Book of Revelation.

He might reject my claim but I stick to my guns and here’s why:

McPherson’s climate change predictions and the Book of Revelation are not mutually exclusive; in fact they go hand-in-hand.

How so?

Food Insecurity

Dr. McPherson projects a foodless future. Revelation tells him he’s right.

Revelation 6 says we’ll soon be scrapping over a few shards of wheat and wine. It describes a situation in which all your money will go to food (for you) due to its scarcity (Rev 6:5-6). Who knows what kids without jobs will eat.

McPherson unknowingly agrees. He says mass animal extinction and crop failure are the result of runaway climate change. Given that crops and animals comprise our food, the famine of Revelation 6 fits.

Civil Upheaval

People protest small things. Like keeping Snickers in schools and certain people out of their neighborhoods. Imagine the unrest when the environment become uncomfortable or deadly.

Dr. McPherson foresees this. In most his interviews he encourages us to “remain calm.” Human nature dictates the opposite. Need examples? Look at the 2016 presidential election results.

This fits with Revelation 6. In chaos we’ll look for and receive a world leader: the Antichrist. He’ll come in peace (at first) to guide the masses during global uncertainty. (Rev 6:1-2)

Sweltering Heat

Imagine taking your dog outside and when the sun rays hit, poof! You ignite.

That’s exactly what will happen in Revelation 16. Just prior to the Second Coming the sun will get so hot people will catch fire from exposure to it. (Rev 16:8-9)

This substantiates McPherson’s global warming claim. It’s backed by evidence and a strange story about September 11th: when global aircraft was grounded following the 9/11 attacks the Earth’s temperature increased two degrees Celsius. In three days.

Sounds minor but Earth’s temp typically increases only .5 degrees every hundred years.

Why did this happen?

Contrails, or the vapor left behind an in-flight airplane, provide a canopy reflecting sunlight back into space. The result is lower planetary temperatures. In the absence of contrails Earth spiked a fever, and quick.

This means our planet is artificially cooler than it would be without air traffic. If planes are grounded again (perhaps due to Revelation catastrophes) the thermostat will increase. It also reveals we’ve been using synthetic means to cool the Earth – chemtrails perhaps.

What Now?

Dr. McPherson is partially right: humanity will dwindle. The extinction will not, however, be complete: just prior to total destruction Jesus returns.

Dr. McPherson is simply predicting what God already said will happen.

After learning this I floated on the couch in tears and PB&J sandwiches. I’m an End-Times watcher and have spent decades telling of Jesus’ soon return. Somehow, however, the subject becomes much sadder when the scientific community agrees, much less puts a timeline on it.

I pray they soon realize everything in the Bible will happen.

As time passed I slapped down my sandwiches and looked up. We do have hope. In that respect, McPherson is emphatically incorrect. Immediately following the Earth’s beating, we’ll get a new one – the New Earth (Rev 21) – which will be as alive and resilient as our resurrected bodies.

We just have to ensure we’re on the right team – God’s team; a.k.a. the Church – to see it.

Because Jesus comes on the clouds. Are you ready?

Author: Diane Watt

From the moment God saved Diane in a Texas Baptist church in 2005 He thrust her into the exciting, scary, hopeful world of Bible prophecy. She’s studied under teachers like Chuck Missler, Jack Kelley, and Steve Hadley of Harvest Reno Church, amongst others.

In 2015 she left her government IT career and founded Scripture Seeds Ministry, formerly His Truth Revealed. Her burning burden is to help people find purpose and passion due to Christ’s soon return.

Diane is a student of the Word. She’s written several articles and books and her latest project is a documentary-style movie called The Coming Christ. More info is on her blog.

She can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and her blog.

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