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HILLARY, Queen of the Flies: the MOST BRUTAL CLINTON video

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Hillary Clinton: the Clinton Halloween Election Rigging, Poll Rigging & Fake Poll documentary (VIDEO ABOVE)



Also, you definitely do not want to miss Trump: the COMING LANDSLIDE documentary — It’s even better the second time you watch! Full documentary beneath.

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Hillary: the MOST BRUTAL CLINTON video (images beneath).

Hillary Clinton documentary by Trey Smith

An Intro from Bill….. A man who looks a little rough.

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton seems to attract flies — especially at the second 2016 presidential debate. One fly (famously) landing dead on her forehead (image below).

Hillary Clinton: Queen of Flies


Many may not have noticed — but on further review of the second presidential debate, Hillary had flies encircling her for the entire debate. The image below is a freeze frame captured from 1 hour 24 minutes and 5 seconds into the second debate. Another sizable fly swarming and landing on Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Flies

This is not an outdoor cookout, it is a presidential debate — in the heart of an air conditioned and well-ventilated building.

Hillary Clinton flies

Note: The flies do not appear to be swarming Trump, or anyone else for that matter…. they are drawn, for whatever cause, to Hillary Clinton. 

Obama Flies

This “Fly Issue” is one that Barrack Obama was also “plagued” with, earning him the media nickname “Fly Guy” — as flies strangely were attracted to him.


Entities: A Journey from the realms of darkness to light. CLICK HERE

Beneath is a Hillary Clinton cartoon image that has made the internet rounds and won several awards.

Hillary Clinton Witch

A final thought from Bill. Note how happy he looks in the image… standing next to a man in a Trump for president T-shirt. 

Bill Clinton at Trump event