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“Make America Great Again” ~ Caspar McCloud

“Make America Great Again” ~ by Caspar McCloud (SPECIAL VIDEO BENEATH)

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“Make America Great Again” ~ Caspar McCloud

Make America Great Again (copyright “America“) is a song written by Caspar McCloud. The music video above was put together under short notice as a “favor” by PinLight films CEO and director Richard Shaw following the release of Trump: the COMING LANDSLIDE by Trey Smith.

Make America Great Again

“Make America Great Again” ~ Caspar McCloud

Caspar McCloudCaspar McCloud’s “Make America Great Again Great Again” (America by Caspar McCloud 2016) is available for purchase by clicking here (Make America Great Again). Proceeds from purchases help Caspar McCloud’s church in Georgia. Caspar McCloud is also featured in Entities by Trey Smith — where he gives portions of his testimony of dying, stepping into another dimension, then coming back to tell about it. Caspar’s full traumatic and amazing testimony is available in his book, “Nothing is Impossible“, or his latest book, UnMasking the Future. To learn more about Caspar McCloud, click here.

Make America Great Again can be be heard by fast forwarding Trump: the COMING LANDSLIDE to exactly the 58 minute 27 second mark.


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God in a Nutshell: If you haven’t seen Entities — the FULL Entities — then You haven’t seen anything yet……….. ~trey



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