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Mindless Aggression Exhibited Toward President Elect

Author: Guy Micholic

Never before in History has there been such unwarranted hostility vented upon an elected official. Mainstream media, political talking heads, the entertainment industry, and certain individuals within Institutions of higher learning have manipulated society into blindly following a new age agenda. The situation has become animated to the point that their radical take over strategies can no longer be hidden. College professors actually encourage students to partake in political protests, and I use the term protest loosely, fully intending to dissuade citizens with differing political views from rallying in support of their chosen candidate, namely Donald Trump. Celebrities from every facet of entertainment openly declare their hatred toward the President Elect as well, revealing the servile mindset they have succumb to in regard to a New World Order. This level of subversion can be seen all the way to the highest office in our land. In my humble opinion this amounts to nothing less than a hostile takeover of our great nation, and it’s been in full play for years now. The 2016 election results are symbolic of the repulsion of this New World Order by the American people.


This footage graphically illustrates the mindless aggression being fomented in our society. Warning: Vulgar language and violent behavior displayed in this video. It’s my belief that those partaking in such despicable activities are in reality hapless victims of social engineering.

What defines a person as a “true American”? It is not their nationality or origin of birth, nor is it their religion or sexual preference. One common characteristic that exists among all “true Americans” is simply this, love of country. Our love of country prevents us from behaving in a manner that would harm this beautiful land and the people in it, such as rioting, looting or acting out in violence toward others because of their political or religious views. Again, in my opinion, Donald Trump is representative of a “true American”, his love of country is worn on his sleeve. The rabid animosity vented toward him, false accusations of racism, along with all the other baseless claims made, serve to reveal the desperate nature of those who seek to subvert our sovereignty. The real reason they oppose him is his true love of country.


Please don’t let the election results lull you into a false sense of security, the battle for our freedom is far from over! We must remain diligent in our prayers, each doing what God instructs us to do for the betterment of ourselves, this country, and the rest of the world. Now is not the time for complacency, pray for the safety of the President Elect as Inauguration Day approaches. Dark forces are certainly at work to stop this man from actually taking office. If they are successful it could plunge our nation into chaos in a matter of days.


POTUS Obama seems to be doing everything in his power to create havoc in the political realm before Donald Trump is inaugurated. Deliberately heightening tensions with Putin is just one of the tactics being employed in an attempt complicate or prevent a peaceful transition of power. These tactics must be resisted. I find it ironic that the Obama presidency was highlighted with a show of blind adoration, whereas the Trump presidency is highlighted with a show of mindless aggression, if not hatred. New World Order brainwashing techniques are certainly evident in our society. We are almost the last vestige of freedom left surviving on the planet. We must not let that legacy be destroyed by a pack of ruthless technocrats.


Our country is standing at the crossroad, one path leading us back to the blessings of God and the other leading us into the abyss. Yes, I believe things are that critical! Let us fight the good fight, thereby helping to build and maintain a safe place for our children to live and grow.